Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For you Dedra....

Dedra, you wanted to see what had been done to walls to make me ask for advice. It was done in permanent black marker, by an artistic 2 year old. I have tried dry erase marker, magic eraser, that just gets rid of all layer until you can see the drywall again, and every kind of cleaner I have. Nothing is removing it, but I figure this gives us a push to finish painting the rest of the room. We left the one wall blank so we could do a darker version of what is already there, so there would be a nice contrast. Now we are thinking about switching which wall will be going darker.

Today is my Mother's 60th birthday! Happy birthday Mom. Alan, my little brother got Mom a full-size body pillow that she had been wanting. The video is just showing how much fun Alan and Mark had enjoying it. I hope you all enjoy it! I love it. I haven't laugh so hard in a long time.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Any suggestiong for the removal of permanent marker on walls would greatly be appreciated.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Last week Friday, two of my best girlfriends and I went and got some pictures taken of us at JCPenney's just for fun. Kate, the brunette, and I have known each other since she was born pretty much and have stayed pretty tight the whole time. Sara, the red head, and I have been best friends since she turned 12, and came into Young Women's, we are now sister-in-laws due to me marrying Ethan, her older brother. We have been best buds for a long time, and we wanted to get the pictures done for posterity sake. We have been friends through just about everything, death, separations, marriage, births, college, and so on. With the exception of Ethan, there are no two other people I would want around me through the toughest times. Except maybe Alan. He is a story for another day.

Kate is a very busy and ambitious person, who is constantly on the go. She is going to school for Music Therapy with a minor in Spanish. She is a bargain shopper, and a fantastic dresser. She had 30 minutes to get a shower, get dressed, clothes were still wet from the washer and she manages to look this impressive. She has been a very outgoing, talkative, sarcastic, and blunt all her life. We have worked together and surprised others with our banter to the point that our manager was wondering why I wasn't offended when Kate commented on me being "deaf". Her response was, "She is!" I just laughed.

Sara and I got to know each other at a sleepover in Young Women's and needed makeover partners. She was the one that details of boys and just general being a teenager, were discussed with. She got married and has two daughters, and now is a wonderful mommy buddy, of who I am constantly talking to about about kids. She is attending school and working her butt off to finish to support herself and her girls. She has the grits to do what needs done.

Super belated pictures from the Superbowl. Mark was hanging out with two of his cousins, Kira and Ari. These are the two girls I watch regularly during the week. We start fan brainwashing at an early age for the Steelers.