Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby naming

Now that I am a mother, and am at that stage in life where friends are having babies, I am truly realizing the importance of a baby's name. I definitely have some firm opinions when it comes to baby names. But I don't think I am being outrageous about the rules considering it is more consideration for the child who will go by that name. For instance, I am rather anti - family names, especially if you aren't married to the other person. Now there are times and places where it is appropriate, but for the most part, no family names. When my sister was expecting her first, I was talking to my piano teacher about it, and he said," She should name him, Bruce Ernest". (Her f-i-l, and our Dad's name, both having died within the last year and half before this pregnancy.) There are many other ways to honor a dead relative. But here are some basic rules.

  • 1. If you hate the family name, don't use it. I don't care if that relative saved your life in 'Nam'. If you don't like it, use something else.
  • 2. Don't add extra letters just for the sake of making it look "cooler".
  • 3. Be nice, and double check initials for bad words.
  • 4. Be nice and make sure it doesn't rhyme with something that will get the child made fun of for the rest of their life.
  • 5. Don't name your child after Jesus.
  • 6. No rhyming names between siblings. Ex: Kevin and Devin. (RL Ex of a set of twins I know.)
  • 7. If you 'have to' mess up the spelling, don't go overboard.
  • 8. NO NOUNS. Ex: Rainy Rose. I don't care, don't do it.
  • 9. If you are making up a name, stay away from Q's. Ex: LaQuinta
  • 10. Names after virtues are not going to give a child with that virtue. Ex: Chasity, Charity, Hope, etc.
  • 11. Tongue-twister names are just plain mean.
  • 12. I generally say to stay away from any name that is in the top 10 most popular names. Too many kids by the same name.
  • 13. All of theses rules apply to nicknames as well. Check any and all possible nicknames for said birth name.
  • 14. If you have given a pet your fav. name, then get pregnant, do not give the child the same name.
  • 15. I am not an advocate for gender"safe/confusing" names. More specially when they really aren't gender safe anymore. Ex: Marion, Stacy, Ashley.
  • 16. Any guy names that sounds like it came from a Danielle Steed book. Ex: Tane, Justus Brice.
  • 17. If you are going to spell the name oddly, you have no right, whatsoever to get mad at mispronunciations. Ex: Nate', pronounced Na-tay-a.
  • 18. No rhyming with last names, no rhyming period!!!! No first names same as last names for that matter. Ex: Robert Fobert (RL friend), David Davids.
  • 19. Nothing that can be misconstrued as a possible porn name or a sexual act. Ex: LaPleasure, or B.J.
  • 20. The name should not be longer than the child at birth. Ex: Meloncholia Francessca Antouinette.
  • 21. NEVER AFTER AN Alcoholic beverage, you are just asking to pay for rehab. Ex: Brandy, Jack Daniels.

If you want some laughs

Overall, just be courteous to the child, because eventually, they will probably be choosing your nursing home.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Question for you

Do any of you have random chinese comments left on your pages? I get them all the time, I am trying to figure out a way to get it to stop. I have gone private before, but I hated it, but I think I will need to do it again, unless someone has a good suggestion. Let me know.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Convo with Jenna

Jenna: (saying this walking behind me on the steps) Margaret, you have no butt.
Me: (a bit of eye rolling) Yes, Jenna, I am aware of having no butt.
Jenna: Its like whatever was supposed to be your butt, just went into your boobs.
Me: ( Just staring at her)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Idina Menzel, Baby Seth, New Shift, and kids!

Last Tuesday, Kate E., Amy C. and I went and saw Idina Menzel perform with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. SHE WAS AMAZING! IF you don't know who she is, she was the original Elphaba in Wicked, Maureen in Rent (play and movie), the girlfriend in Enchanted, and a guest star on Glee. She did a wonderful slew of songs, from 'Life of the Party', 'Funny Girl', 'I'm not that Girl', 'Pokerface'(she apologized to the orchestra for making them do it, but they did an incredible job), 'There is only this', and thankfully 'Defying Gravity'. There was a standing ovation, so she came back on stage and did 'The Sun will come out tomorrow. She told stories about each of the songs and such. There was one which was a song that she and her husband sing to their little boy Walker(10months) that the pianist made an accompaniment for the Orchestra to play. It was adorable, talked about waking up and what kind of dreams did you have Walker, things like that. We were lucky enough to get superb seats, front row balcany, just off to the right of the middle. I don't think we could have gotten better seats if we had been willing to spend more. It was a sold out show. We had a blast!!!!
Ethan and I have a new nephew, Aubrey and her hubby Patrick just had their new little boy on Saturday, Seth Patrick, weighing in at 7lbs 3oz, and 20 1/2 inches long. He was a week overdue, but I think it was on purpose, so he could hit Auby and Patrick's first Anniversary. Congrats on the new baby!

We went down to Virginia on Saturday to visit the new baby.

This was on the way back from Virginia, Lyssa loves her french fries.

The kids are doing well, Mark has started potty training and is doing very well, I need to thank Vanessa for jump starting it with him. She was watching the kids when we were at the concert, and her little one is trained already, so she showed him and since then, we haven't had much of an issue getting him to go. He is constantly on the go.
Lyssa has been crawling for about 8 weeks now, and has just started furniture walking. She'll be 10 months next week. Has three teeth and a stubborn 4th on the way. She has taken to baby food rather well, and is currently being weaned a little bit, down to about 2-3 feedings a day, for no other purpose than I would like to be done by the time she is 12 months. Mark weaned himself off by 9 months, but she doesn't seem to be liking that idea at all. So we will do it very gradually.
Ethan's job just had a new shift bid, and he is now going to start working daylight! This is excellent news, I can't wait to start on a new schedule. A little more normal bed times for everyone, and it will be nice to have evenings with him. Ethan and a friend of his are currently working on a new project, trying to make generator that is run by magnets. Don't ask me, it is over my head. But they seem to be enjoying it.