Friday, January 30, 2009

Bath time

I love taking baths. I love the warm water and just relaxing with a good book. Well, Mark likes baths too. If he is awake when I am taking one, chances are he is with me. He is at the stage of throwing things in and out of the bathtub, whether or not there is water. He loves just playing in the bathroom in general.

Tonight, he had just woken up from a nap, when I was getting ready to get in. So normal procedure consist of waiting until the water has stopped running, before removing his diaper, otherwise I spend the next 10 minutes cleaning up his pee. I like my bath water hot, so I normally get in before I let him in, making sure it is a suitable temp. for Mark. Normally, I mean normally, he is jumping in excitement, holding on to the edge of the tub waiting to get in. Tonight was not so. I get in and turn around to grab him, and all I see is his naked butt waddling out, holding onto his blanket. I figured he would be back in two seconds. Not so. He heads to my room, then comes back enough for him to be in view. I smile at him and encourage him to come in. He gives his shriek giggle that he has, and runs away back to my room. Comes back again, 3 seconds later, makes it to the doorway this time, I smile, he giggles and runs away. He is still naked mind you. So I am getting concern about him being completely able to pee at his own freewill. I have attempted to get of the tub to get him each time, but everytime I do, he starts heading back. This senario repeats another three times, each time getting a little closer. I finally trick him with a toy, getting him close enough that I don't have to get out of the tub. (I really hate getting out of the tub once I am in.)

This whole evening made me laugh. I love that he is walking and is being a normal little boy. He has, in my biased opinion, the cutest smile and laugh, that will almost get him out of any trouble. I pity others who aren't able to understand the joy of a little child.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


In case you haven't heard, I am pregnant again. Yes, this was planned, I want Mark and his siblings to relatively close in age, but at least a year between pregnancies. My main rule was that I needed to stop nursing for at least 3 months before becoming pregnant again. Mark weaned himself at 9 months.

I found out the same day we moved into the house, Jan. 1. What a way to start off the new year! I am about 8 weeks along and doing pretty well. Milk is absolutely forbidden, according to my stomach, but other than that, morning sickness is keeping pretty mild. Morning sickness was practically nonexistent with Mark. That has been a blessing, for I despise, hate, abhore, whatever word means the worst, throwing up. I will do anything to avoid it.

Oh well I am far more confident over this pregnancy than I was with Mark. Now I have experience, and have a far better idea of what to expect and what I want to do. Hey, this time I will actually know when I am having real contractions. Last time, I kept thinking I was getting the Bracken-Hicks, so it was quite the surprise when my water broke. Its nice knowing what I truly need to take with me to the hospital this time, and I already have all the equipment this time. I will probably stay at home longer this time before leaving to the hospital. They say to go to the hospital when the water breaks, right away. Well we did that, and when we got there, I was a whopping 1 cm. It was a slow process. I was so hoping I would be like Ness and water breaks, and there is the baby pretty much right after. Nope, no such luck. Well if anything is really different this time, it will be the sex of the baby. I just hope everything is as easy as Mark has been. Crossing fingers.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 things you didn't know about me

25. I have never had a boyfriend. Ethan and I went straight from being friends to being engaged. I wisely never went out more than 3x exclusively with any of the guys I dated.

24. I have lived in 4 different states. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Utah, and Colorado.

23. While living in Colorado, I worked on a dude ranch. Yes I helped herd cattle, as well as other stuff.

22. Very rarely eat beef. I just don't like it.

21. I don't like cooking that much, but absolutely love my Betty Crocker cookbook.

20. My wedding band is a CTR ring, that we picked up after the wedding, on the way home.

19. Absolutely hate, hate, hate wintertime. Like right now, I hate snow, I hate being wet, cold, and seeing my breath when I breath. I hate the lack of sun, and snow blindness. I hate bad weather. My firm opinion for snow is that we need it for Christmas and Christmas break, you know the time kids are out of school? Then it needs to go back up to at least 60, if not 70 degrees.

18. Heat over cold anyday, rather be in a humid hot summer, than freezing in January.

17. Feb. is my least favorite month. I feel like it is the longest month of the year. Refer back to 19 for hatred of this month.

16. Favorite piece of jewelry, outside of my engagement ring, is a piece of brass ring that turns my finger green, but I love it. I would love someday to get a ring made identical to it.

15. I love my fingernails, I am very proud of them looking nice majority of the time.

14. Love my naturally curly hair.

13. I learned to drive a manual in Colorado, and have been driving one ever since I got married.

12. Think that fish and little dogs are the most worthless animals on the planet. Only slight above them are hermit crabs and rats.

11. Find grabbing a blanket, a good book, and cup of hot chocolate, extremely relaxing.

10. Truly enjoy playing volleyball.

9. Was taking a trip home for two weeks, when Ethan proposed. When I came back to Utah, I surprised just about everyone. No one was expecting it.

8. I love shopping, only when I already know what I want, and where it is already. I get annoyed really quickly otherwise.

7. I hate when people use too much syrup on pancakes or waffles.

6. I hate mice, but not because they are furry rodents, but because they annoyed the living daylights out of me.

5. I will lay on the floor with a pillow and blanket and let Mark climb all over me, while trying to get another 20 minutes of sleep.

4. Oreos without milk are a sin.

3. I hate it when people think that I got knocked up before I got married.

2. I would rather be barefoot than wear the cutest shoes.

1. Want to smack teenagers that smoke.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Mark is biting. Hardcore biting. Any suggestions would be appreciated. He currently still uses a pacifier. I am trying to wean him off it, seeing as he doesn't use it for normal purposes, he just chews the stupid thing. No more comforting sucking or any of that. He will go to sleep just fine without it as well. He has never taken to a chew toy in his life and I am tired of my hand being the next best thing. He is getting a molar and I can feel two points of it all ready. And no I don't want to just keep giving him the pacifier until the tooth comes, because I am guessing this will happen once the other molars come in.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How old are you? 23

How many children do you have? 1 and 1/2

How old is your child[ren]? Turned 1 about two weeks ago.

Are you married? yes

Are you with your child[ren]'s other parent? yes

Do you love your child[ren]'s other parent? I would not have married him if I didn't.

What is the weather like? Freezing, and bitter. This is the very reason I hate winter time.

What are you doing besides this? Trying to warm up.

Do you like snow? No.

When was your child[ren] born? Dec. 23

What time? 3:32 pm

Weight? 7 lbs 14 oz

Length? 20 inches

How long were you [or the mother] in labor? I had contractions for a while, but didn't think they were real contractions, so noticably in labor, about 13 hours.

Did your [or the mothers] water brake? Yes

What time? About 1:30 in the morning.

Was your baby on time? One day early.

Did you find out what you were having? Yes, I wanted to know.

Boy or girl? Boy.

Do you want more? Yes, hence the reason I am pregnant again.

Are you ready for more? Whether I am ready or not, I am having one.

How much weight did you gain? 30 lb.

The other parent? I wasn't really paying attention.

Was the father involved during the pregnancy? Yes, not always willingly though, he hated those Lamaze classes.

How many children do you want? We'll talk again after three.

Did you [or the mother] have a rough pregnancy? It was a very easy pregnancy.

Who was there the most during your pregnancy? Ethan, both of our families, and Kate.

Were any of your friends pregnant while you [or the mother] was? Best Friend, Sara, my sister, Vanessa, and a few others.

your bedroom clean at this moment? Not really.

What did you name your child[ren]? Mark Andrew.

Are they named after anything or anyone? Nope and I did that on purpose.

Was the pregnancy planned? Yes and no, Ethan and I had decided it would be okay to get pregnant, only to find out three weeks later, I already was.

How old were you when you found out you were going to be a parent for the very first time? 21

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Mark is working on getting his first molar. At least that is all I can feel, seeing as leaving my finger in there for too long results in massive pain for me, and sudden startling for him when I cry out. This isn't Mark's first time for teething and yet everytime it starts, I constantly am amazed at how much drool just keeps coming. I mean, seriously, it never ends. Beforehand, I had to wash three to four bibs a day, just because he would soak them with drool. Don't even get me started on clothes. I was glad most of this happened during the summer, so he was mainly just wearing diapers, but still.
We are in! And whenever I feel comfortable letting you see the mess, I will post pictures. The dining room, kitchen and living room are all livable. Mark is currently stationed in the laundry room until his room is finished. Who knows when that will be. He seems like he is having fun exploring everything and every room. We moved in last Thursday day and have been here ever since. I am liking be on my own again. After doing it for a couple years, it is hard to share with someone else. Doesn't matter how in tune with the other person you are.

We just had the internet moved over here today, along with the phone, so now I am a little more accessible. The cell phone only works in certain parts of the house, none of them really convenient. All of the spots are upstairs or outside. Outside is just plain cold, if not rainy, and as for the upstairs, I am normally downstairs, I'll hear the phone ring, and have to run upstairs, and hope I get the reception before the other person hangs up for lack of connection. Yeay!