Friday, December 11, 2009

Mission boy and sick boys

I drove Alan and Mom to the airport on Monday for their flight out to the MTC. Alan has successfully entered into the MTC and is on his way to be a fully trained LDS missionary. The Pocatello Mission is going to have fun with him. He is easily one of the most enjoyable person to be around. There is always a story or something going on that you just want to shake your head and call him a dork for doing.
Yes, he was the Wendy's girl.

Yes, he is giving Cory a wet willy.

Trash bag king of the Theater

Both Ethan and Mark are currently snoozing off a nasty cold that has been swarming our house for the last two weeks. I have a doctor's appt. for Mark tomorrow so I'll find out if it is turning into anything worse. I hate it when we are sick. Mark has been a miserable human being for the last two weeks, but I just thought he was starting the terrible twos or something of that nature. But the fever and other things are making appearance today that are making me think otherwise. I haven't been able to be much help for him, all he wants is Daddy. Leaves me free to take care of Lyssa, so I don't really mind. I think all the cuddling with Daddy is what is making Ethan sick now.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

some of the pics

She has a great smile, and is starting to show signs of getting dimples.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I am an Aunt again, my sister finally had her baby. Baby girl! And Ethan (her husband) said it was the best delivery yet! Yeah!!!!!! Go Mommy and baby!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


When Mark was about three months old we got pro. pictures done of him in his blessing suit, and decided that we would splurge with the speciality pictures, like that with each of the kids. Well due to Lyssa's fast growth, she was weighted at 13.5 lbs today(10 weeks now), we knew we need to get them done soon, otherwise she wasn't going to fit her dress anymore. She is a cubby one. Mom was going to get pictures done with the boys(Alan leaves in a week) at Sears, and I had gotten some good coupons to do pictures with, so I went with them to get Lyssa's done. First outfit, sitting up, she did just fine, got some smiley ones. Then they put her on her stomach. Anyone know of a baby that truly likes being on their stomach at this age? She didn't smile again the rest of the time. I felt so bad for the guy, he was trying every which way to get her to smile. His lips had to be sore. Making all the sounds and everything. We finally gave up. She has a beautiful smile and does smile often, I don't know why she wouldn't today. Once I have access to the stuff online, I will post.