Monday, October 17, 2011

I am currently in my ninth week of pregnancy. This was planned and expected. We wanted to wait until Lyssa had her 2nd birthday, which was in Sept. and the test came back positive the following Monday. Very excited about a new addition, pretty sure it will be a girl. The same symptoms with Lyssa's pregnancy are happening with this one. Sensitivities to dairy products, but overall very little issues in the way of morning sickness. Some nausea, but I have yet to have to puke. Anyone that knows me, is well aware that puking is something I avoid like the plague. The only thing that ever succeeds is the flu.

According to the internet, I am due May 19th. Anyone reading this and who writes to Alan, please do not inform him. It would be a nice welcome home surprise.

Since Mark, I have been able to figure out that I was pregnant pretty much the second a person can. Because of that, I found out while I was only 4 weeks along, and that is just way too to be announcing to anyone really besides Ethan. Over the next 5 weeks, we told a few family members, but had every intention of keeping quiet until about 12 weeks.

Then came Ethan's cousin's wedding. After going through with Amber's Endowment we were waiting in the hall for everyone else and Ethan was talking to Grandma and a bunch of others family members, about some cousin that was finally able to get pregnant after 13 years of marriage and pregnancy issues. Ethan, not thinking, blurts out," We just celebrated our 5th year last week and have 2 and a 3rd on the way." Grandma was surprise says,"Oh, you haven't announce that yet.", to which I said," You're right, I hadn't." With a glare to him, that everyone else just laughed at. At that point, it was just to complicated thinking about who knew, who didn't. We are excited, and I can't wait to have a spring baby.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

More details later, but for now, I am announcing my third pregnancy. I will be due in May.

Monday, July 25, 2011

8 years

It has been 8 years today since my Dad passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack. I was 17 years old and at what should have been my last Youth Conference.

There were about 7 of us girls, Kate and Patti, two of my closest friends at the Cloud's cabin for the night. I woke up later than intended that morning and was surprise that S. Cloud hadn't woken me up earlier. She knew my preference to being one of the first awake. After I stirring, I was told to shower quickly because there was a family emergency, and Dad was at the hospital. That was the fastest shower I have ever taken, I swear it took 30 sec. Knowing Dad's physical health, I had already surmised that he had had a heart attack. No one had told me. Everyone else in the Cabin already knew and weren't making eye contact with me. I didn't notice it at the time. S. Cloud still needed to get something together before she could take me to the hospital, so Kate, Patti, and I were waiting outside by the car. I was bawling my eyes out. S. Cloud came out and asked me why I was crying, and in hindsight, I realize she thought that Kate and Patti had told me. I told S. Cloud," Dad has had a heart attack and I don't know how bad it is." She just stood there for a minute before finally telling me that he had passed away. I lost it.

After they loaded up the car, I asked to go to camp, where I had been working all summer. There were some dear friends I had made there and I had this compulsion to go there before going to hospital. Luckily for me the camp was only a couple miles away. S. Cloud obliged me and with Kate and Patti in the car with me, we drove to camp. I ran in and told my roommate, Michelle what had happen and then ran to the guy's campsite and told them. And I mean I ran, Kate and Patti chased me down, since they didn't know where I was going. S. Cloud called Mom at the time and was told that they were about ready to leave the hospital so it would be better to just bring me home.

We got home and Vanessa and Alan were there. Roger, also at Youth Conference, they had had a hard time finding which house he was at, I think he had switched which home he was supposed to have been at. He showed up an hour later. We found out more details as to what had happened. Dad had always had chronic insomnia, and Mom woke up to him coming back to bed around 5 ish. She asked if he was feeling better, he said yes, got back into bed, then proceeded to roll out of bed about 30 seconds later. It was instant. Mom called 911 and started doing CPR, but it was already too late. Alan was the only other person at home. He was 13. Vanessa was already married and out of the house.

A lot of things happened that day, a lot I don't remember, so I won't forget. Vanessa and I went with Mom to the cemetary to pick a plot. I remember S. Manley came with us and told us afterwards that the funeral director was good looking. He was. We also all got in the car to drive to Pap's house because Mom knew he wouldn't be able to handle the news over the phone. Ethan, Vanessa's husband drove us there. Once we got there, I think he knew something was up, but didn't know what was going on. To this day, watching Mom tell Pap that his only son had died that morning was the hardest thing I have ever dealt with. Pap isn't a member of the Church, so he didn't have the knowledge of life after death and that families can be together forever. He just kept saying," I going to 90 this year, why him? He wasn't suppose to go before me.". It was excruciating to watch. Mom called Aunt Grace, Dad's sister while we were still there and told her.

We went back home and frankly I was exhausted. I was tired of being at home around everything. S. Cloud was going to take Kate and Patti back to Y. Conference in time for the dance. Roger and I decided we needed the distraction, so we went. It was what we needed. I went to the testimony meeting they had the next day as well. On the way home, S. Cloud and I were discussing a bunch of different thing and Roger's birthday came up. His birthday was in three days and he was turning 16. We had the Funeral viewing scheduled that day. S. Cloud had been in this situation herself. Her older brother had died just before her 16th?(not a 100% sure) birthday, and they rescheduled the funeral so it wasn't on her birthday. We decided to throw him a surprise birthday party. It wasn't fair that his birthday should ignored. We called two of his friends, found a place, and let them contact everyone else.

I don't remember who came with me to church that Sunday, I do remember only staying for Sacrament. Monday was a blur getting ready for everything and family coming in. Tuesday was the two different viewings. Most of my co-workers from camp came. They were surprised at how much fun a "Mormon" funeral can be. They felt bad for laughing, but it amused me. That night, Ethan and Vanessa grabbed Roger and told him we were going to take him out to get some ice cream for his birthday. We drove over to where the party was, which isn't near any ice cream place in town, and when Roger saw his friends out on the lawn, he was asking what they were doing here. He was pleasantly surprised and we all had a break from a very long depressing day.

By the way, standing in the receiving line SUCKS. I refused to do it Wednesday morning at the viewing right before the funeral. I ended up standing off to the side with friends and family, near the line, but not where I was expected to hug everyone else. I don't remember much about the funeral except that much to Mom's chagrin, and old neighbor sang," Amazing Grace", a song that Mom hates because everyone sings it too slow. The neighbor did a decent job, it just didn't seem to fit into everything else. There were mentioning of things that Dad did with us, like he loved amusement parks and we went to one every year, he would take one of us out eat for breakfast every Saturday morning, stuff like that.

There was a luncheon afterwards, and Mom grabbed us kids and we went to the cemetary for the burial. It was just a few of us. There was going to be a bigger gathering after the luncheon, but this was just for us. Mom and Dad had had a 5th child, a little girl, named Natalie that had died at birth (this was not a surprising death), and as per agreement with the cemetary, her grave had been moved over to Dad's. We could see her coffin being buried with Dad's. After we said our good-byes we went back to the luncheon. The guys I worked with at Camp were chowing down the food, amazed at how much there was and how good it was. They provided some much comedic relief for us.

We had a close friends and family gather go back to the cemetary afterwards. There was prayer said, but I don't recall any of it.

Dad was very much a plain vanilla guy, who loved the scouting program. That is actually what introduced him to the church. He was drafted into the army during Vietnam and was serving at a supply unit in Germany where he helped out with a Scouting troop there where he met some members. He joined over there. He loved Roller Coasters, couldn't sit still to save his life. Our books and movies would be cataloged on his days off. He like to surprise treat us to ice cream occasionally and was the Bishop of our ward for 7 years.

I miss him.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

So the computer decided that it need to go kaput last month. We thought it was the processor, so Ethan finds a new one and orders it. It comes and Ethan installs it. It wouldn't go through. Then he started to think, maybe it is the mother board. The new processor was more powerful, so maybe the old mother board can't handle it. Ordered new mother board. Nope, now he is onto the power supply. After checking finances, we decided to hold off before we go blowing $150 on a new power supply. Yes, we know there are cheaper ones, but when it comes to the computer, it is Ethan's baby, so I let him choose. Plus he has been pulling 2 suicide weeks in a row. (Suicide week is when he works 8am-9pm for 5 days straight.) It kind of stinks that he is gone that much, I mean last week instead of making the hour trip to and from, he just stayed at Gma's house which is 20 minutes away. This week he is getting rides with other people so I could actually have the car.

Ever have a doctor that you really like, he is excellent at his job, and you would recommend him to anyone? Dr. Yost, an ENT in Butler is that way. The only downside to him is a lot of other people feel the same way. That means setting up appts. can mean months of waiting to get into him. Well after having a physical for the first time since high school that wasn't pregnancy related, I was "officially" referred to him. I had been asking to get tubes put in after my ear drums ruptured multiple time this last winter. Once the physical was over, I immediately called and as luck would have it, they had just had a cancellation and an opening available within the next week. YEAH! I went into see him yesterday and have it all set up. Dr. Yost also wanted to run some other test to see why I was have so many sinus issues, which were leading to the ear infections. It is nice to have a doctor who actually was trying to find out the root cause of the problem instead of just giving me something to deal with the symptoms.

We have finally finished, with the exception of baseboards, the remodel on our computer/front room, kitchen, and dining room. Blogger isn't being nice and letting me upload pictures right now, so some other day. The front room was originally, pretty much a man cave. Wood paneling, drop ceiling, awful light fixtures, and I think it was a blue and green carpet. Carpet came out, as well as the light fixtures and drop ceiling. The room had been a porch that had been enclosed so one of the walls was this decorative rock wall that was torn down. Put up drywall over all of it. Carpet was replaced with a rubberized flooring called Allure, and is a rosewood ebony color (really dark). The ceiling was drywalled too, painted white and given three different light fixtures that are adjustable for the library part of the room. We painted it sky blue and I love how it has turned out. Dining room was simply repainted. Kids had brought a permanent marker and it needed to be repainted anyways so we went with a really light pink. I am not in love with the result, but it looks better than the way it did. The kitchen also got new flooring, a white marble look and the walls painted a dark foresty/emerald green. I am not a huge fan of dark colored rooms but there are only three walls and very few spaces where there isn't a cupboard, counter, appliances, or doors.

After serious consideration, we also got another puppy. Same breed, just female this time. Named her Night Shade, I call her Shady most of the time. Her coloring is a lot darker than Titan's and she chews more than he did. The only shoes that have been safe are my sunday shoes and Ethan's canvas ones. She doesn't like the canvas and my sunday shoes are put up. Lost 4 pairs of mine, 2 of Lyssa's and 1 of Mark's. Shady is all alpha, but she loves Titan, and they get along great. The timing of her was because Ethan and I want to have another baby, and I don't want to deal with young puppy until next baby is at least a year old. So it came down to wait two years or get her now. We choose now, and I love it. Titan has a much better playmate than my lightweight children who get knocked over as easily as a blow up punching bag.

Mark and Lyssa are doing well and are learning to talk better and better everyday. Lyssa is showing a devious streak. We have been working on Mark's potty training, and as long as he is naked, he does wonderfully. I am trying something new to get him to train with his clothes on, by having him teach Lyssa how to use the potty. I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

With the warm weather comes the beginning of Garage/Yard/Moving Sales. After becoming a serious sale-er 3 years ago, there are some common courtesies or realizations that need to be made.

  • Don't have a sale expecting to make back what you spent. I don't go to a sale to help you make money, I go to save me money that I would have had otherwise spent at the store. Have a sale to get rid of things, and if you make money in the process, congrats!

  • Unless they are kid clothes, clothes don't sell well. Even with kid clothes, they need to be stain-free and in good condition. $ .50 an item is a reasonable price. Coats, up to $5. Church clothes, such as really nice dresses, or suits, no more than $5. I am still talking kid clothing. There are a few exceptions. I have gotten a bag of 3t jeans that had holes in the knees for free. They are perfect for play clothes.

  • I don't care how much you were dumb enough to spend on name brand clothes, I am not paying the same price. Would I be shopping at yard sales, if I were?

  • Don't try to sell intimate apparel or swimwear.

  • Shoes are iffy.

  • Books should be never be more than $.50 for a paperback or $1 for a hardback. Harlequin romance books, $ .10

  • DVDs really shouldn't be more than $3. VHS, a quarter. Cds $2.

  • Don't bother trying to sell broken electronics. Make sure that you have an outlet available for people to test it out on.

  • Signs for sale should be up at least 4ft, and brightly colored with house number and times. Balloons are great. Do not put them up before the sale, then get mad at people who show up because they saw a sign. When the sale is over, remove sign immediately.

  • If selling furniture, please be reasonable. If it is made of particle board, no more than $10, and only if it is in good condition. Preferably less.

  • Filing cabinets, if they are rusty, throw them away.

  • Glassware, or fragile items should be up a little higher, people can't always avoid bringing their children.

  • If you are a smoker, don't be upset or disappointed if people don't buy because it smells.

  • If you have an item that you intend on asking a large amount of money for (newer treadmills, generators, riding lawn mowers, etc.), let people know ahead of time in the ad, or list it on Craiglist. I had a guy trying to sell a treadmill for $800. No one carries that much money around.

  • You would be better off to just put valuable things on Craiglist.

  • Be willing to negoiate.

  • Talk to your neighbors a couple of days before the sale and let them know. This will give them time to set up a sale themselves or put up parking barriers for their yard. The more houses having sales, the bigger the crowd you have.

  • If you are in a neighborhood that does an annual sale, don't decide that day to have your son clean out the garage. It is awkward and embarrassing to walk to someone's house that isn't actually having a sale.

  • Have plenty of cash for change.

  • If someone comes and sees something that is out of their cash range, don't accept check, tell them you will hold onto the item long enough for them to run to the nearest ATM.

  • If early birds really annoy you, set the time an hour later than you would really like to start.

  • Don't tell me it is a huge sale, if it can fit onto 4 or less tables.

  • Be prepared for weather conditions.

  • If you have a pet, put it inside, or out of reach of people.

  • Selling donuts, baked goods, and drinks are wonderful ideas. Put up a sign if whatever the item is, if it has nuts.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My brother went to school for sound engineering. ( And learned some other stuff on the way.) On a whim he and his friends decided to put together some videos to put in a competition for Jones Soda's new energy drink. It would be a nice resume builder to come in 15th or so in a national competition. They put in two entries. They won 2nd and 4th. He is very excited. He also won a bonus award called the "Darth Bader Award." (Ryan Bader is a MMA fighter- mixed martial arts. Apparently he likes to just pick his favorite video and give them his own award.) Since Bader liked my brothers commercial so much, he will pay for Roger to go to Texas to attend the South by Southwest Festival. No, that doesn't mean much to me, just that my brother is awesome and won a free trip. Here is the clip that got 2nd prize.

He is the one that actually grows the beard.
You can go to if you want to see his 4th place one, also very entertaining, or any of the other entries. Go Roger!!!!!

On a side note, my sister actually wrote this, and I just copied it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


"Daddy hit my butt!" In the middle of the closing prayer for sacrament, loudly I might add.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My job

I work at a movie theater about 2x's a week for about 4 hours each time. I have been working there on and off since Oct. 2005. It isn't a big place, 4 screens, and we are a second run theater, which means that we get the movies after the first run place has had a chance to play them. Our tickets are $4 after 6pm. If you come on Wednesday, it is $2.50 all day and if you are really lucky, occasionally we have a $1 movie of the week, generally a kids movie we have had for a long time. The carpet is ugly, the equipment is old, and we have to use a pair of pliers to turn on the hot water in the back room. I love working here. There are a slew of people that have influenced my life while working here. There are friends that will be life time friends because of my job there. We have the best popcorn in town, and if you don't believe me, I will let you sample it.

I love being able to see the 'Pyscho' family,(Alan dubbed them that) that come with their big bowl and old peanut butter jars they use for drinks, so they don't have to get their refills in the middle of the movie. The mother that told me not to have anymore children, her three standing right behind her, at which point Alan let them know that I was currently 5 months along with Lyssa. Without missing a beat she congratulated me with genuine enthusiasm. The angry guy that got mad when I wouldn't let him buy a bucket of popcorn for a fraction of the price. The lady who was actually upset with Becky because she didn't get the popcorn that was flying from the popper, but instead waited so she didn't burn her hands with the hot oil. The older gentleman that told me to memorize his wife's face and to make sure I never give her any options, because she will take a day and a half to decide if she wants Sno-cap or Milk Duds. The guy who before seeing a war movie of some sort, I really wish I could remember the title, offered to buy everyone in that theater a large popcorn. Our assistant manager had to go through the theater 3 times before they realized she was being serious.

The time that theater 2 was having issues with keeping the film on track, therefore losing audio, was fixed by placing a toothbrush in a spot to hold it in place. Jim's mcmuffins that he made every year during the A/K Steel party, once the movies had been started. The after hours movies that were shown to employees and family's only. The really ugly green arm chair that was use for Santa around Christmas time, but for use during breaks to sleep in. The creepy janitor, Rodney, who is a goth, but a youth minister.

The times I got to share with Alan, watching him play his pranks and jokes on everyone there. Watching Charlie look for his red shirt, which had been pinned to the ceiling. To waxing the benches to see who would slide furthest off them. To loving to polish the stainless steel front because I loved the smell of the polish. To having the high school kids who worked there come to the theater on the night of prom to show off. To Jen and Garrett, who are now married, after starting to date after working there. To Jan's dog, Mitzi, who would occasionally accompany her on the days she had to get there early to met the Coke guy. To seeing the 5 year old kid all the sudden, pulling down his pants to pee on the pillars next to the parking lot, and watching with a grin as his parents ran to him. To hearing about Jan running and beating the snot out of a kid with a broom, when she saw him viciously attack another kid out in front of the theater. To the fat security guard that comes in for nachos. To Alan buying a 5 year old's ninja costume for Halloween and wearing it around the place for birthday parties. To celebrate Steph's graduation from college and her wedding. To seeing Mike finally stop paying for the cheese to go with his popcorn. To the summer we sold Hot dogs, and ended up selling more to the employees than to customers.

There are thousands of memories from there. I love working there and hope to be able to continue working there for years to come. I know it won't stay the same. It was realized tonight that from the original crew from 5 years ago, I am the only one left besides Jan, our manager. It was weird hearing that. Jan is extremely accommodating, and because of her doing so, most of us have stayed for years, working only on breaks from college. Kate was the last person to leave, and now Jan will be leaving soon to move to Florida with her husband. I that things will change and there is a good chance that it won't stay open after this summer. I hope it does. I love working there.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh, by the way, GO STEELERS!!!!!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011


Starting Feb. 14th, Ethan will be going the workforce of Verizon. His official title will be Fiber Optic Analysis, or in layman's term, he is the guy you will talk to when you are having issues with Fios.

About a few months ago, a now former employee of Armstrong, Dave, started to apply to Verizon. He has some sort of degree with computer, and decided why not apply, they pay pretty well. (Ethan does not have a degree.) Dave never finished his application. Verizon ended up calling him and told him they liked what they have seen, and wanted him to finish the application. He did and they offered what Armstrong caps at with full benefits after three months. He turned his two weeks notice and told other people at Armstrong. No one thought much of it. Yes, it was decent amount, but it is in Downtown Pittsburgh and the commute wasn't worth it. Just before Dave is about to start, he gets a call from Verizon saying, ' We made a mistake and didn't see that you had actual experience at this type of job. (He had worked at Armstrong for 4 years.) We wish to pay you, basically$10 more an hour that we originally offered.' He passed on that information, and let on that Verizon is in the process of opening 200 more positions for the Pittsburgh office.

Basic info about Ethan's job, you can't just be fulltime, Armstrong(a local cable, phone and internet provider) has to officially make you full time. We were told to expect that within 6 months to 1.5 years for that to happen. March would have been 3 years. Nothing. No paid vacation, no benefits. He did get yearly raises, but...

Ethan proceeded to apply after that turn of events. He applied right after New Year's, and was accepted to take a test to see that he actually knows what he is doing. Two weeks later, he took the test, he passed. Then onto the phone interview. Other people were doing the same thing. Two people had their phone interviews and didn't do well at all, so we were nervous. Ethan has the phone interview and got an email the next day saying he was qualified for the position. BUT, that just means they have your resume' there for up to 2 years. They don't have to hire you. So we knew, because of Dave, that there were classes happening in 6 week intervals, the next one to start Feb. 14. We just guessed that particular class would have already been filled up, but were crossing our fingers for the one after. We were wrong. The day after the email qualification, we got a call that morning saying,'Pending drug test and background checks we would like to hire you to start Feb. 14. ' Ethan and I had seriously discussed how much would be needed from them wage-wise to make the transfer from Armstrong to Verizon in Pittsburgh. They offered well above it. Ethan immediately accepted, and after about a week we got a call saying everything with the drug test and background check had passed inspection and he would be considered an official Employee. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We know of at least one other person having been accepted and they plan on carpooling together. There are others who have gotten the Qualification email, but I am guessing they are waiting for the next class before calling. We hope there will be more people to carpool with.

We are unbelievably excited about this new news. I will miss him more through out the day, but the financial relief, the benefits, possibility for tuition reimbursement for school, and growth prospects certainly make up for it. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!