Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have two beautiful little nieces that I babysat quite regularly. Kira is 3 and Ri is 2 and for the most part, Mark, my 2 yr old got along pretty well with them. The girls just moved away this last week, and it will be about 4 months before I see them again. Since they have been gone, I have been reflecting back on the things that would happen between the three of them. All three of them are very headstrong when they wanted to be. Kira was a girly girl and very inquisitive about anything and everything. Ri, when she wasn't happy, she let you know you, but she could also be the sweetest thing with her genuine smile and laughter.

I definitely had my bad days with them, but we also had fun days playing cowboys and Indians, watching movies, and helping me make cookies. We read stories and played outside. I would try to protect Lyssa from Kira and Ri's never ending desire to hold her and try to play with her.

There are many different stories that have happened when my back has been turned, such as the time I was taking care of things upstairs only to come down and find that the three of them has decided they need to cook and proceeded to break 2 dozen eggs on the kitchen floor and throw cheese into a pot. Bopbop (Grandpa Fike's nickname by the kids) was their savior from me that day by showing up early to pick them up that night. Or when I set up the wading pool, it took me several tries of forcing them into the water before they realize they were suppose to play in it with their swimsuits and diapers on. Many a diapers were found off the porch the following day. The wading pool had an inflatable whale thing in the middle of it with a hook-up for the hose to do a sprinkler effect. Mark and Kira loved it, Ri would freak out and run as far away as she possibly could.

There is one thing I was very happy to see pay off right before they left. Ri, as much as I love her and all, she can be a very whiny pushover. Mark and Kira would take toys from her, push her, anything, and she would just stand there and whimper or whine at them. Sorry, but even at the age of 2, whining isn't going to get you anywhere. It would drive me nuts that she wouldn't even try to defend herself or try to get the toy back. I know Mark and Kira needed to stop doing things to her, but she was making herself and easy mark. So one day in desperation, I watched was Mark took a toy from her, and her just stand there and whine, I grabbed Mark and Ri and made them face each other and told Ri, that if Mark or Kira did something that they shouldn't do like take a toy, or push her over, to push them back. Then I literally had her practice. At the time, Kira and Mark had a hay day being pushed by Ri. This took place months ago and was repeated about once a week, until she stopped whiny when they did something. I know many people would completely disagree with my parenting technique, and I did discuss this with Sara, the girl's mother, but I really felt like she need to learn to stand up to them. And frankly, I wanted someone Mark's age to stand up to him and not let him get away with being bullyish. I can only do so much and usually only after something has already occurred. But if she started fighting back, he wouldn't be so willing to do mean things to her. Well last Sat. was the last day I watched them and Sara stayed around after she was done with work. Mark and Ri were walking passed us and Ri tripped and accidentally hit Mark on her way down. He was like "Hey!" and kind of hit her and then she proceed to hit him three times in a row. I am sorry to say, it was really amusing. Sara and I stopped them from going further, and made them say sorry, but I was happy to see Ri stand up for herself. Now will be the time that I teach Mark when and how much is appropriate, but for now, I am glad to say neither of them are pushovers.
Ri and Mark at the Lodge.

This was common occurance.

They tried hard to "share".

Mark and Kira playing at Dave and Kita's wedding.
At Aubby's wedding
So for now, I say I love and will miss you guys altogether, you definitely gave me some fun memories.