Thursday, October 29, 2009

4 hour crying jags...

Once Lyssa is asleep she will sleep for a decent amount of time. But in order for that to happen she has to actually fall asleep. The other night she went on a 4 hour crying jag, that I still don't know what the cause of it was. I know it wasn't food that I ate, and she wasn't having gas issues, and she was eating just fine, but she just kept crying. Grrrr. I hate nights like that thoughs. I know after awhile you just kind of have to let them cry it out. But then there is the listening to the cries that make you hurt because you know they aren't happy, and then after doing everything you can do, you just get annoyed that nothing is working. After that night, I got earplugs. Call me cruel, I don't care.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lyssa's Blessing day

Yesterday was Lyssa's blessing. I don't have any pictures currently, so you'll have to wait. We had plenty of family come and be able to participate. My Bro-in-law was telling me while the blessing was happening, he thought she was going to just explode her diaper the way she was just laying there, the calm before the storm type attitude. But she did very well. Ethan gave her a beautiful blessing. Lyssa wore the blessing dress that I had been blessed in. All in all it was a good day. She handled being loved by many relatives like a champ.

Last Thursday, she had her doctor's appt. Doc. was impressed with her growth, gained 2 1/2 lbs, and two inches in height since birth.

My youngest bro. got his mission call about a week ago, and I just wanted to say YEAH! Pocatello, Idaho, it made me giggle. He had a little bit of a hard time pronouncing it while it was reading it out loud to us. Just made the moment better. I am going to miss that boy, but I can't think of anything better he could possibly be doing. I am so excited for him!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lots have been going on, just too tired to care to write

Its funny, many people were giving me lots of advise about Mark's reaction to the baby before she was born. The biggest thing I have seen different has been his amount of physical affection he now gives. He has never been one to give kisses or hugs or what not. We tried to teach him, but all that ever happened was when I ask him for a kiss, he would turn his head, allowing me to kiss his cheek. And that was if I was lucky. He still does that, but now he will give me hugs and kisses anytime HE wants to give kisses and hugs. I like this change. He loves giving Lyssa hugs and kisses, but it is a very dangerous thing for him to do. He will literally end up smothering her with his love.