Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yard sales

So I went Yard saling for the first time this year, this weekend. Yesterday was a total bust, but today made up for that. I am really finicky about how much I pay for something, and can't stand going to the sales that people are trying to sell 50 cent things for $5. When shopping I am mainly looking for some baby clothes, for the new babe, toys and clothes for Mark to grow into, books for any age, my children's book collection would put many to shame, and I am proud of it. I don't just do the toddler stuff either, it is anything from babies to learn to read, young adults to adults, anything. Once in a while there will be some other things I need to look for, like now I am shopping for a toddler bed, two chest of drawers, things like that to put in the kids rooms. Well today I manage to grab two bar stools for our kitchen island - $5, multiple Church clothes for Mark - $4, 6 tennis ball for my ball happy son - $2, 7 books - $4, and a new baby jumper(I have one, but I really don't like it very much) - $3, and for the grand finale............... a used piano for $20, and the best part about that, they are delivering it here for free! I have been after a piano since we got rid of the one we had, no way was it going to be okay after a couple of months of storage, so we gave it to some one else. I am estatic about this find.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Ethan is very very happy here is what he got

Thursday, April 23, 2009


They are very good at entaining themselves.

First real Easter egg hunt.

His' "Oh really" look.

I am ready to be a big brother.

Last night I went to the church for Activity Days, I am one of the leaders. Well, my other partners weren't able to help out, one was sick and the other had a meeting for scouts she needed to attend. There were only three girls that showed up last night, we have five regularly.

Anyways, we were doing this engineering activity involving playdoh, bendy straws, and paper cups. They are supposed to build a structure that will hold the cup above the ground, and we fill the cups up with pennies and see who's can hold the most. They weren't see each others work until everyone was done. So I had them split up around the primary room. Frieda (she cracks me up on regular basis) decides to claim the piano for her working area. I didn't think much of it, but oh well. So I give them 15 min. to work on their towers. Terry and Heather had very similar projects, but then there is Frieda. When she claimed the piano, I had no idea that she was actually going to incorporate it. She puts half of her playdoh in the cup and has the straws bent over the edge of the piano with the other half of the playdoh holding them to the piano. The straws are then shoved into what playdoh in the cup. Just looking at it you knew it wasn't going to hold anything. Honestly the cup itself kept falling off. Frieda keeps messing with it to no avail. The other two had long ago finished and we were just waiting for Frieda. I had to use the bathroom, so I tell Frieda that she has until I get back from the bathroom to finish. I get out of the stall, and there is Terry standing there. She starts, very poorly I might add, trying to keep me from going back. They conspired to keep me there for as long as possible. They are 9 years old! By the time I am "allowed" back into the room, Frieda had completely changed her tower. I couldn't believe they conspired against me. I love these girls, and they constantly amuse me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

So I have been realizing that besides the normal grouchy-ness or extreme hyper-ness, Mark has develope a new symptom when he is tired. He hits his head more often on objects that he has long ago learned to go around, he falls to the floor, reverts to crawling anytime he falls. He has an equilibrium problem. Is this common with your children?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Old grumpy men and their wives...

I work part-time at the cheap movie theater in town, and have on and off for about 4 years. I like anyone else who deals with the public have had some amazing customers, some fickle, rude, demanding, arrogant, happy, funny, and any other adjective you wish to inject here. Yesterday I was working my normal Wednesday afternoon shift. Wednesdays, we are open all day and it is our $2.50 bargain day. Tickets, popcorn, and drinks deals are all $2.50 each. The normal crowd usually consist of older people, especially when we have movies like "Gran Torino".

Anyways this older couple, I'd say about late 50's come in, husband goes to the bathroom and wife comes to get the tickets from me. She buys the tickets, a drink, and gets two bags of popcorn, one for each of them. Hubby comes back out and she hands him his popcorn and after she is done putting some popcorn salt on her's, she offers it to him. Our popcorn salt is orange, and many people think its cheese. Very common happening. He just stares at it, then ask her if she is sure that its is salt, and not cheese, she and I both assure him that its is just salt. I am getting a very grumpy man vibe at this time and know, that pretty much anything I do isn't going to satify the guy. He then ask why is its orange, and his wife promptly tells him " Because they are trying to poison you", then turns and walks away. I was trying hard not to laugh at him. I love that she just told him off, and made him realize he was being ridiculous. I love the wives that know exactly how to deal with grumpy husbands.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ultrasound results

Everything is looking great for baby number 2! We found out it is going to be a girl this time! No permanent choice on a name, but we have some ideas.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Things I love about being Mark's mom...

1. When he is soooo tired, he sees me, gives me just enough of a smile for me to watch his eyes roll back into his head.

2. That he loves playing with any type of ball. The other day we spent a half hour on the stairs, him at the top, me at the bottom, tossing a tennis ball to each other.

3. He doesn't have a normal giggle, he does this shriek laugh instead.

4. Even if I have put him to bed crying, and he is still crying when I check on him much later, he continues to smile even more at me.

5. He loves going to Daddy! (I love that he is will to give me a break.)

6. He is a not a screamer, even in the worst of circumstances. He can scream, but it usually quickly subsides.

7. His love for falling asleep in the car, two seconds before we reach our destination.

8. Whenever he throws something down now, he says " oohhhh!" I think he is trying to say geronimo, Ethan and I say it all the time when we play together.

9. He doesn't need my help to find entainment most of the time.

10. He always want to go outside. This is an excellent sign to me.

11. He will and can fall asleep in other people's arms, but not mine.

12. When we play volleyball at the church on Tuesday nights, he always wants to get on the court and play with us.

13. He will sleep through the night very well, and if he wakes up, he goes back to sleep on his own.

14. After bathtime, when I put him on our bed to get his diaper on, he always takes off the other side while I am getting his diaper. Then nicely sits on Daddy's pillow butt-naked waiting for me to come get him, before there is a need to wash the pillow. He always sits on Daddy's pillow, not mine, yeay!

15. He loves to talk, babble, whatever it is right now. I have no idea if he is trying to form words or not.