Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Girl Lyssa Michelle Fike has officially joined our family as of Sept. 14, 2009 at 11:42 am. She was a week late and was scheduled for an induction the morning of Sept. 14, but decided that she wasn't going to be told when to come to the world and decided to finally start making her way into the the world of the 13th, about 10pm by making the water break. Mark did the same thing.

After calling Kate, my coach this time, and gathering stuff up, Ethan and I headed to the hospital. No contractions had really started, but seeing as I was already supposed to be induced in a matter of hours, they got me all hooked up. Labor moved slowly, ended up getting an epidural, and then needed pitocin to help get things moving around 6 am. Spent the next three hours trying to get some sleep while the nurses kept poking and prodding at me for one thing or another.

At 11 am, I hit the 10 cm and said I could start pushing if I felt the need, or if I could deal with the pressure, to just let my body do its thing and continue to push the baby down on its own. I wasn't in pain, thanks to the epidural, so I waited it out. My midwife was working at the office and was going to go for a lunch break, but after being told how far along I was, came up and checked on me. She then told me that this baby was only going to take about ten minutes to come. I didn't believe her. Mark had taken an hour and a half of hard pushing with the epidural having worn off at the beginning of pushing. So after about three contractions, Lyssa came and had the cord wrapped around her neck three times, not tightly though. They got it taken care of and everything went very smoothly.

She had taken to nursing very well, and has been a very sweet and mellow baby so far. Not too much fussing at all. I have been healing wonderfully. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Water broke, and I am on my way to the hospital.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doctor's appointment

First off, yesterday was the due date. Still no Lyssa. I thought I was going into labor Sunday night. Enough contractions that were noticable and coming frequent enough to be timeable. But seeing as it was 2:45 am, I knew it would be in my best interest to get some more sleep. After fighting excitement, I manage to do so, only to wake up at 8:30am, feeling fine. ggrrrr....

Anyways, I went to my scheduled doctor's appt this morning, the one I was really hoping I wouldn't have needed, due to having had the baby. Her name is Lori, and she is actually a midwife. She was surprised that I hadn't had her yet. After checking me out and seeing that I am exactly the same place I was last week, she tried stripping the membranes. I am hoping that will due something. If it doesn't, she already has me scheduled for an ultrasound on Saturday and induction on Monday. Monday will be 41 weeks. The idea of delivering a big baby scares me, and I am hoping that baby Lyssa won't be too big. All she is doing is gaining weight at this point.

Lori, made me laugh at little when she was asking what I was doing that was taking so long as well as asking what happened with Mark. Mark was due Dec. 24th and as for his labor, my water broke at 1:30 am on the 23th. When we got to the hospital, I was a whopping 1 cm then too. Maybe the baby just needs to be little more aggressive and kick the stupid sac open to get started. I don't know.

Side note, last night there was a power outage from 7pm to midnight. I was in the middle of giving Mark a bath when the power went out. Nothing weather wise indicating that one would happen, guess someone ran into a telephone pole. I didn't think much of it, it was still light out. I figured I would just put Mark into his bed a little early so he still had some light to fall asleep with. He has been starting to show signs of being a little scared of the dark. Normally there is a lamp we leave on, but hey no power. I put him in his room and left him there for about 30 minutes. It is dark by now, and I had finished reading, and was just going to go to bed. Not much else I could do. When I went to check on him, he was still up, and it is pretty dark out. I pull him out and take him to my room, thinking he might fall asleep if I am there in the bed with him. It isn't until I am tucking him into our bed that I realized Mark's streaking tendency had struck again. I had already blown out all the candles and didn't have a light source in the room. I had no problems finding the diaper, just with finding the diaper to his butt, because someone likes to run away from me. Even in the dark. Then when I do find him, he wiggled around a lot. I did manage to finally get it on him successfully, and after about 15 minutes he was out.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mark's goal in life...

To become a professional streaker. A couple of post back I was writing about the cloth diapers and how he didn't like the velcro ones, well now he doesn't like any kind of diaper. Disposable, snap cloth ones, or velcro. If it is on his butt, it needs to come off. I had my sis-in-law over the other day with her daughters for dinner and after the kids were done eating, they were running around while we finished. Kira, the oldest of the three comes up to us later, and keeps saying, "mom, mom, mom" like a normal two year and when we looked up, she just pointed at Mark, says, "Nakee!", and giggles really hard. Sure enough, Mark was stripped down to nothing and running around. I had him just sitting next to me a during a movie at home, I turn for more popcorn, turn back, and get a full view of his butt. Not to mention all the times I wake up to check on him during the night, only to find him in the buff. Oh, what to do....