Monday, March 7, 2011

My brother went to school for sound engineering. ( And learned some other stuff on the way.) On a whim he and his friends decided to put together some videos to put in a competition for Jones Soda's new energy drink. It would be a nice resume builder to come in 15th or so in a national competition. They put in two entries. They won 2nd and 4th. He is very excited. He also won a bonus award called the "Darth Bader Award." (Ryan Bader is a MMA fighter- mixed martial arts. Apparently he likes to just pick his favorite video and give them his own award.) Since Bader liked my brothers commercial so much, he will pay for Roger to go to Texas to attend the South by Southwest Festival. No, that doesn't mean much to me, just that my brother is awesome and won a free trip. Here is the clip that got 2nd prize.

He is the one that actually grows the beard.
You can go to if you want to see his 4th place one, also very entertaining, or any of the other entries. Go Roger!!!!!

On a side note, my sister actually wrote this, and I just copied it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


"Daddy hit my butt!" In the middle of the closing prayer for sacrament, loudly I might add.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My job

I work at a movie theater about 2x's a week for about 4 hours each time. I have been working there on and off since Oct. 2005. It isn't a big place, 4 screens, and we are a second run theater, which means that we get the movies after the first run place has had a chance to play them. Our tickets are $4 after 6pm. If you come on Wednesday, it is $2.50 all day and if you are really lucky, occasionally we have a $1 movie of the week, generally a kids movie we have had for a long time. The carpet is ugly, the equipment is old, and we have to use a pair of pliers to turn on the hot water in the back room. I love working here. There are a slew of people that have influenced my life while working here. There are friends that will be life time friends because of my job there. We have the best popcorn in town, and if you don't believe me, I will let you sample it.

I love being able to see the 'Pyscho' family,(Alan dubbed them that) that come with their big bowl and old peanut butter jars they use for drinks, so they don't have to get their refills in the middle of the movie. The mother that told me not to have anymore children, her three standing right behind her, at which point Alan let them know that I was currently 5 months along with Lyssa. Without missing a beat she congratulated me with genuine enthusiasm. The angry guy that got mad when I wouldn't let him buy a bucket of popcorn for a fraction of the price. The lady who was actually upset with Becky because she didn't get the popcorn that was flying from the popper, but instead waited so she didn't burn her hands with the hot oil. The older gentleman that told me to memorize his wife's face and to make sure I never give her any options, because she will take a day and a half to decide if she wants Sno-cap or Milk Duds. The guy who before seeing a war movie of some sort, I really wish I could remember the title, offered to buy everyone in that theater a large popcorn. Our assistant manager had to go through the theater 3 times before they realized she was being serious.

The time that theater 2 was having issues with keeping the film on track, therefore losing audio, was fixed by placing a toothbrush in a spot to hold it in place. Jim's mcmuffins that he made every year during the A/K Steel party, once the movies had been started. The after hours movies that were shown to employees and family's only. The really ugly green arm chair that was use for Santa around Christmas time, but for use during breaks to sleep in. The creepy janitor, Rodney, who is a goth, but a youth minister.

The times I got to share with Alan, watching him play his pranks and jokes on everyone there. Watching Charlie look for his red shirt, which had been pinned to the ceiling. To waxing the benches to see who would slide furthest off them. To loving to polish the stainless steel front because I loved the smell of the polish. To having the high school kids who worked there come to the theater on the night of prom to show off. To Jen and Garrett, who are now married, after starting to date after working there. To Jan's dog, Mitzi, who would occasionally accompany her on the days she had to get there early to met the Coke guy. To seeing the 5 year old kid all the sudden, pulling down his pants to pee on the pillars next to the parking lot, and watching with a grin as his parents ran to him. To hearing about Jan running and beating the snot out of a kid with a broom, when she saw him viciously attack another kid out in front of the theater. To the fat security guard that comes in for nachos. To Alan buying a 5 year old's ninja costume for Halloween and wearing it around the place for birthday parties. To celebrate Steph's graduation from college and her wedding. To seeing Mike finally stop paying for the cheese to go with his popcorn. To the summer we sold Hot dogs, and ended up selling more to the employees than to customers.

There are thousands of memories from there. I love working there and hope to be able to continue working there for years to come. I know it won't stay the same. It was realized tonight that from the original crew from 5 years ago, I am the only one left besides Jan, our manager. It was weird hearing that. Jan is extremely accommodating, and because of her doing so, most of us have stayed for years, working only on breaks from college. Kate was the last person to leave, and now Jan will be leaving soon to move to Florida with her husband. I that things will change and there is a good chance that it won't stay open after this summer. I hope it does. I love working there.